Are you looking for an expert iOS or mobile system developer?

I have been developing iOS apps since 2008 when the first iPhone was announced. Prior to my focus on apps, I have 18+ years experience in systems architecture, distributed computing and high reliability communications systems. I am a hands-on leader with experience of managing large engineering groups.


  • 7+ years hands on iOS development - 6 apps, 2 published, 2 SDKs.
  • 25+ years architecture, development and deployment of complex software & systems.
  • A proven engineer, thinker, leader and motivator of engineers.
  • Veteran of Silicon Valley Unix community.

I am especially interested in:

  • Autonomous and connected cars - Systems & Apps
  • Car infotainment systems- integration of Siri, CarPlay with Android based head units
  • Bluetooth/WiFi sensors & wearable devices with iOS apps to complement
  • IOT sensors, actuators, networks, systems and embedded software.


  • iOS App architecture, design, implementation, app-store release.
  • App feasibility, technical risk assessment, project planning, cost estimation.
  • On-site long term contracts (Silicon Valley).
  • Remote comtracts with periodic travel.
  • Complete, turnkey projects

iOS apps

embedded systems software

linux, unix device integration, kernel


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Consultant and freelance developer

Shirish Patel